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The Sexual Assault in Alaska tab contains information regarding the basic legal concepts related to sexual violence.  This section also contains information on the importance of proving all the statutory elements of the crime; the definition of “consent”; and a listing of State of Alaska, Alaska Tribal and Federal sexual assault statutes.


Protection Orders in Alaska are offered through the State of Alaska Court System and may also be offered through Tribal Courts.  This tab provides a basic explanation of protection orders, and links and document uploads of State and Tribal protection order forms.  This section also provides an explanation of Full Faith and Credit which requires states to honor protection orders issued by Tribal Courts as if they were their own, along with the relevant Alaska statute. 


The Statutes and Codes tab provides a list and links to State of Alaska statutes relating to sexual assault, incest, child sexual abuse, protection orders, victim rights, victim advocacy, and sex offenders in one easy-to-find location along with a summary of those statutes.  This is an excellent tool for keeping up-to-date as legislation changes.  Also provided are sample Tribal Sexual Assault Codes for those Alaska Native Tribes working to develop their own codes. 


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Final Prosecutor Sexual Assault Protocol - September (2008)


Final Prosecutor Sexual Assault Protocol - September (2008)


This guide created by Tribal Law and Policy Institute focuses on the development of an internal protocol for use by Tribal prosecutors.



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